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New Single - Killer/Heavy Metal Jews – Available Now. Limited edition - 500 copies only on white coloured vinyl, this is UK Decay's first release in 30 years. Available from Rough Trade and most vinyl retailers. Also available on download via Amazon and iTunes. Next Live show: UK Decay live @ The Hat Factory in Luton on May 10th more.. UK Decay gives new hope for the dead. Formed in punk’s first maelstrom UK Decay quickly established a fearsome reputation for their live performances across Europe and the US and their genre defying recordings. This year sees the release of the band’s new album NEW HOPE FOR THE DEAD, produced by the legendary Dark Lord of rock himself Chris Tsangerides, the 11 new tracks are a sonic assault built on political dissent. The album is preceded by the single KILLER. While the band retains its punk ethos, they continue to refuse to be pigeon holed. Just as original records pushed convention and musical boundaries, the new material defies convention. Heavy yet sparse; angry but poetic – UK Decay operate outside the comfort zone of their legacy. Then… Formed during the spring of 1979, UK Decay released the SPLIT SINGLE on their own Plastic Records label. It sold extremely well, mainly thanks to a damning review in the NME, whose Danny Baker and Charles Shaar Murray described them as "one of the worst punk bands of all time". September 1979 guitarist Spon was recruited and the band record the BLACK CAT EP, which hovers in the UK indie charts for 15 months. The next single, the anti-war FOR MY COUNTRY, is released in September 1980. It gains immediate airplay from John Peel (for whom they would record two sessions). The single spends eight months in the indie charts reaching No. 13. The band tours relentlessly across the UK and Europe, including a major nationwide tour with The Dead Kennedys. In 1981 the single UNEXPECTED GUEST is released, achieving the band’s highest indie chart at No. 4. This is the last release to feature Martin Smith who departs early in 1981. After a series of stand-in bass players the band recruit Twiggy (who post Decay becomes Pete Murphy’s bass player). Debut album FOR MADMEN ONLY and the single SEXUAL are released in 1981. During this period Abbo jokingly refers to the band’s sound as 'goth', in an interview with Sounds. The moment is immortalised as the start of a movement, although the band are always a punk band first. The endless touring is beginning to pay off with larger audiences. UK Decay are now hosting some significant shows, with up and coming like-minded bands. The RISING FROM THE DREAD 12" comes out on Crass's Corpus Christi label in August 1982, featuring the 10-minute epic WEREWOLF. However, despite a strong showing in the indie charts and an ever-expanding fan base, UK Decay split up in December 1982. Five years of continuous touring across Europe, the UK and the US have taken their toll. A posthumous live album, A NIGHT FOR CELEBRATION, is released during the summer of 1983. And now . . . In 2008 UK Decay reform for a one-off reunion gig. Drummer Steve Harle has sadly passed away and is replaced by Raymondo, while the band are augmented by second guitarist Jonny G. The footage appears instantly on social media and reignites the dormant cult fan base, and those too young to have caught the band first time around – but only too aware of their legacy. The offers come flooding in and the band departs once more to Europe to tour and headline countless festivals across Germany, Italy, Finland and Portugal. Ya Boo Comrades!