A look at UK Decay’s line-up from 1979 to 1982 including a brief look at The Rezistors , UK Decay’s forbearers.
The Rezistors
The Rezistors 1977/78
The Rezistors formed christmas1977 and played their first gig at Luton’s Barnfield College. The earliest line-up was Ricky Smith - Vocals Martyn Smith - Guitar Dave Stubbs - Guitar Mick Dove - Bass and the late Steve Harle – Drums. Through 1978 there were various line-up changes resulting in Steve Harle drums, Martin Smith Bass, Abbo guitar and first Ricky Smith followed by Paul Wilson and St Albans Simon - before Abbo took over on vocals in early 1979.
UK Decay 1979
UK Decay 1979, Martin Smith left Abbo middle Steve Harle right

With Steve 'Abbo' Abbott on vocals the band were now a 3 piece (Steve Harle drums, Martin Smith Bass, Abbo guitar,vocals). In early 1979, The Rezistors teamed up with another local band Pneumania and played some live shows together. This led on to the two bands producing a single together, the ‘Split Single’. After completing the recording session in April 1979 Abbo announced to the world the bands new name; UK Decay.
The 3-piece line-up only lasted 6 months until October 1979 with the inclusion of Steve Spon guitar formally with Pneumania relieving Abbo toconcentrate on vocals although occasionally picking up the guitar.

UK Decay, Berlin, 1980
UK Decay early 1980 L - R
Spon,Abbo,Steve & Martin
Now with Steve Harle drums, Martin Smith Bass, Abbo guitar/vocals and Steve Spon guitar we enter the early classical UK Decay line-up lasting from October 1979 until the departure of Martin Smith in January 1981. This line-up recorded 3 singles (The Black Cat EP, For My Country and Dresden/Unexpected Guest) and as well as touring with ‘The Dead Kennedys’ on their first UK tour toured extensively in Europe and the UK. The remaining 3 would continue together up until the end at that auspicious ‘last day of 1982’ gig at Hammersmith.
The early classical UK Decay line-up
October1979 - January 1981

UK Decay early 1981
Lol Turvey on the left

The interim period
January1981 - July 1981
The departure of Martin Smith led to a 6-month period in which UK Decay had problems in finding a permanent Bassist. As there was a European tour arranged Loraine Turvey stood in on bass. Loraine (‘Lol’) Turvey’s period with UK Decay lasted only a couple of months but in that time the band had played some significant shows in some of Europe’s main capitals and had started to get some real media attention. The photo on the left was included in the first ‘front page’ for UK Decay in the UK music rag ‘Sounds’. Lol however had commitments and went her own way.
UK Decay 1981
UK/DK creetin on right
Early spring 1981 saw UK Decay again without a bass player, however Steve, Abbo and Spon were busier than ever. They were writing and recording material for the first album at the same time they had a tour in April of that year planned in the USA. Creeton Kaos vocals with the US west coast hardcore punk band ‘Social Unrest’ stepped in on bass for UK Decay for that tour. Creeton returned with UK Decay to the UK and played bass for the band on their first major headlining UK tour he also recorded material for the album.
The late classical UK Decay line-up
July 1981 - January 1983
UK Decay 1982
Edwin Branch, left
Eventually Creeton Kaos returned to the US and UK decay was yet again without a bassist. Eventually in July 1981 Edwin ‘Twiggy’ Branch from Northampton stepped in and invigorated a weary UK Decay. This line-up is remembered by many as the ‘Classical UK Decay’ and continued to the final demise of UK Decay on that last but one day of 1982. With the inclusion of ‘Twiggy’ the band completed the recording of the Album (For Madmen Only) and went on to record the ‘Rising from the Dread’ EP as well as touring extensively in the UK and Europe.

This UK Decay line-up with Steve Harle drums, Edwin ‘Twiggy’ Branch bass, Abbo guitar/vocals and Steve Spon guitar had persevered 18 months from July 1981 to December 30th 1982. The final gig on that day was recorded for posterity and came out as a post-hummus cassette album release, ‘A Night for Celebration’ which was released in early 1983.
Steve Harle, Edwin ‘Twiggy’ Branch and Abbo continued together recruiting a new guitarist ‘Patrick’ first of all and changing their name at first to ‘Slave Drive’ and or ‘Meat of Youth’. Later in 1983 Patrick was replaced by ex Gene Loves Jezebel guitarist
Albie de Luca and the name was changed to ‘FURYO’.
Steve Spon eventually teamed up with Mark Bond bass and Errol Blyth vocals (both ex Ritual) recruiting Colin Rocks on drums to form ‘In Excelsis’.

The Personel...UK Decay..what they did after..
Steven David Harle
Steven David Harle..
Steve 'Abbo' Abbott

Steve Spon
Steve Spon

Edwin 'Twiggy' Branch
ED Branch

Martin 'Segovia' Smith
Martin 'Segovia' Smith

'LOL' Turvey
Lorraine 'LOL' Turvey

Creetin K-os
Creetin K-os
Drums & Percussion
Vocals & Guitar - current member
Guitar & Keyboards - current member
Bass Guitar- current member
Bass Guitar
April 1979- January 1981
Bass Guitar
January 1981 -March 1981
Bass Guitar
April 1981 -June 1981

Steve 'Abbo' Abbott
After Furyo disbanded in 1985, Abbo moved into music production and management. Forming his own companies, Big cat records and Bedlam Artist Management his first success in 1989 was EMF, other acts included Jeff Buckley.
In 1997 he moved into the 'Classical' arena and produced the music programme for Princess Diana’s Funeral Service. He now manages New Zealand soprano Hayley Westenra, violinist Nicola Benedetti, and pianist Lang Lang, and has produced top several selling albums. In 2007 he featured as a judge on BBC2's 'Classical Star'.

Steve Spon
After the demise of IN Excelsis in 1985 Spon moved into music production and live sound. In 1990 he formed a band again, 'Techno with guitars'-Big Eye with G.R.Stronach and D.Smith from Click Click. In 1997 he released his first major solo project, 'Earthlights' under the monica of Nostramus. As a producer and engineer, he has been involved in a vast array of record productions and projects and today is still producing music for himself and others.

Steven David Harle
After Furyo disbanded in 1985, Steve Harle moved into tour management, often working for Abbo's Big cat artists.
He managed Faith Over Reason and went on the road with Carter USM.
In the early nineties Steve spent an increasing amount of time travelling around the world and in May 1995 he tragically passed away in Bangalore, India.

Steven David Harle R.I.P

Creetin K-os
Jason 'Creetin K-os ' returned to the United States in June 1981 and rejoined Social Unrest on vocals. They hailed from Hayward, near San Francisco and soon established themselves as one of the leading forces of the Bay Area early HC Thrash scene. They split in 1986 but have reformed in recent years.

Edwin 'ED','Twiggy' Branch

After Furyo disbanded in 1985, ED eventually teamed up with ex Bauhaus vocalist, Pete Murphy and played bass for him on several world tours during the 1990's.

He also played with west coast band Kommunity FX


Martin 'Segovia' Smith
After leaving UK Decay in 1981, Martin formed a band called '24 Colours' with Pete Keady guitar and Andy McGloin on drums.
Lorraine 'LOL' Turvey
Lol returned to The Statics after her breif encounter with UK Decay in 1981.

Raymond Phillpott
Drums - current member
March 2008 - Present
Ray Phillpott

Raymond Phillpott

New drummer Raymond Phillpott, fills the late Steve Harle’s highly respected position on the drum stool. As well as using Steve’s old drum kit, Ray was actually taught by the late great man himself to play some of the famous DK licks.
In the mid 80’s Ray drummed for legendary Luton post punk band, the Party Girls. Later he played for The Bright Four. His emulation of the distinctive UK DK drum sound is spot on.

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