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FF News: "Personality of the year 2009"

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:19 pm    Post subject: FF News: "Personality of the year 2009" Reply with quote


Zakkiyyah Abdulla
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FF News: "Personality of the year 2009" 1 Day, 8 Hours ago Karma: 0
The PrinCe of her Dreams
Page 1
This is a story about love and what love means to you. Perhaps over time we learn from the challenges we come across but we should always remember that love is the greatest form of energy, motivation, inspiration and passion. My name is Zakkiyyah Abdulla and this is my true “love story.”
I am an 18yr old personality from the community of South Africa and I am in my initial stages of getting married to one of South Africa’s “Golden Boys” Omar Abdulla. I have written my name as Zakkiyyah Abdulla before we actually get married in October 2010.
We are so happy, we are so in love, we were “always” one and we were always in love. Omar was the type of guy that wanted one thing from a woman, whilst I am a woman who loves “one man, and only one man.”
My mother is divorced and she grew my sister and the rest of my family up. We had challenges growing up, but I am “Thankful” to the almighty for what he has blessed us with. My father was the type of gentleman that only wanted children as was never interested in my mother. My parents together are my greatest university because they have taught me the things that would be an asset to my life when I get married.
It was a candlelight dinner at around 11:35 pm, and Omar came to my house to tell me that he wants to get married to me.
My father is the anti-social person who believes that one needs to work hard to earn ones daily bread, whilst my mum believes that her “Imaan” will guide her through the tough times.
I am afraid of Omar because I have heard a lot of negative things about him, although I admire his style with me, his arrogance with me, his lust with me and his “personal touch” with me.
I know Omar loves it when I type his name because he is a media personality whilst I’m confused what I want. I am writing this letter on all websites and newspapers to try to get “Someone” who can guide me with my issues.
I always thought that one day I would go to university and study with all the “Hot Shots” but when Omar came along, I realized that he was the only guy for me.
I was introduced to Omar by my sister whom I do not want to mention. She always wanted it her way, or the highway, which I don’; t agree with.
I was only 16 when I met Omar, and at that time I was busy with matric and I was not interested in dating as I am a STRAIGHT A student. When I met with Omar, we use to talk and write “Love Letters” to each other, to bug each other and to poke fun at one another.
The PrinCe of her Dreams
Page 2
When we met I was 16 and Omar was 25. I always like a guy slightly older than me so that he could guide me and be my best friend. We have been going out writing love letters to each and trying to understand one another’s love. I always fight with Omar because he tells me that he wants eight children, whilst I myself think that “eight is too much.”
When Omar and I met we had dreams that we could just be “friends” because I was never really interested in a guy who thought that he was the president of South Africa. I am more the type of girl that prefers “Only me”.
Well, it would be a long story to “hustle and bustle” in these pages but I am going to try. Omar, always taught me that “No man shall fail if he has the heart of a lion.” I guess that will stick through my dreams all day.
Since I am only 18 and most of the people who read this article are above 50, I think perhaps I have to be slow and talk of my grandparents.
My mum was divorced, my nanny got divorced. My fathers, father kicked him out when he was 18 to fend for himself. I have always been a “Shystar” with my friends and family. I guess when I was young, I was not aware of the power of promotion and words.
Perhaps I am “Omar’s Princess.”
Many people talk about having children, building dream homes, being the best or just being the biggest, but to me that means nothing. All I want is Omar, and I’m sure he will want more of me when we get married.
My family is from Lenasia, and my father thinks that he is the biggest cash and carry business because he is famous in the community. After my parents got divorced my mum went into her own world and lived off the hate off the divorce. I must admit that I always stick with my mum, because she stuck with her children. My father has invested in me more than a million rand in my education, and I am always grateful to him. The story begins where I seen Omar in a local film called “Footprints in Laudium.” When I watched it, I made fun of him and told him that he must speak louder on the microphone and he should “Muscle up.”
I never loved Omar, because Omar belonged to the world and I belonged to my family. My family did not like Omar because they felt that he was too “Memon” for me. Perhaps he is too “Memon” for me, perhaps not.
Omar proposed to me the other day and I thought about it for almost six months, today he has my answer. The answer is “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

The PrinCe of her Dreams
Page 3
When I was thinking about Omar through the six months I told him that he should not call me, not sms me, not email me and not even dream about me. I know Omar, loved me because he had a “Magical Touch.”
People talk about recipes to “fall in love”, yet I never planned to fall in love. It was just something that happened at that moment. I know Omar loves a woman with purity and a clean heart, but I never knew that he loved his woman the way he loved me.
I support his business Footprints Filmworks because I know when I don’t watch him he is doing something that I don’t like. I will always support my husband till the day I die, and that is my promise to the readers of this message. Omar, does not know I am writing this letter to him, because he is waiting for my answer If ill marry him.
He writes articles about “Champ of the month” and “The Presidential Box” but never does he ever mention or write my name. Well, just for today I can copy him and write my name in print.
“Zakkiyyah, you are my world, my greatest desire, my sugarplum, my honey, my sweetness” these are the emails and messages I receive from him.
Yet for the last six months I ignored these messages because I wanted to test if he loves me or “The illusion” of me. Perhaps he loves me because I’m young and I have the body for those eight children.
In our three years of dating we went out, we seen the greatest pyramids, we learnt skills from each other and we learnt to live with each other. I have always been a passive lover and Omar brings out the lust in my sexuality. I have made thousands of posts on their websites, but never did Omar send my articles via email, website, newspaper and what they call “Footprints Chrome.”
I don’t mean to compare Omar to other men but I always tell him that he should follow Yusuf Abramjee, Nazeer Noormohamed, Zunaid Moti and his own father Akber Abdulla. This is to keep my future husband “well oiled” for the future.
He always talks about distribution and shares, yet I know that I am his biggest shareholder in his business. When his distribution dropped, I was there all along “cheerleading” him to win, win, win, and win.
When I watched the film “The PrinCe of her Dreams” with some Zakkiyyah Adamjee , I burnt because Omar, really had fans, and I thought that I am his greatest fan, but he never said it to me directly.
I am writing this letter to try to “bridge a gap” between my family, my friends, my foes and my husband. I do not have any children as yet, but that has always been my dream. When I get married I do not want to work because I will support my favorite business Footprints Filmworks.
The PrinCe of her Dreams
Page 4
So, in the final page of this four page letter I would like to thank everyone for their support including my family and friends. I am young, immature, dumb and as Omar call’s me “Classic Clown.”
I must admit that I have no direction with my life and my current love life. I have never had a boyfriend or someone who I can call “Mine.” As I have said earlier, I do not know anything about shares, but I do know that I will support Omar, 200% because I have seen his true mind and heart.
I can write 1000’s of pages about Omar, but this letter has already served its purpose. You wanted your answer Omar, know you have to lead the way. I am yours- truly, madly, and deeply.
I do not want to talk about the history between us, because you have the history. When you talk about Barack Obama, Sakeena Joosub, Lara Dutta, Aishwarya Rai, Omar Abdulla, Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W), L.Ron Hubbard and Shar Rukh Khan, I laugh because I know what those names mean to me.
Perhaps my dreams for an 18yr old are short sighted, perhaps too long sighted, but perhaps I could win the “Footprints, Personality of the year 2009.”
Thank You Omar, and I will always love you more than any woman in this world.
I Promise
****I Love You***
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Hritik Roshan
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Re:FF News: "Personality of the year 2009" 1 Minute ago Karma: 0
Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (Hindi: कहो ना प्यार है - translation: Say This Is Love) is a 2000 Bollywood movie directed by Rakesh Roshan.

The movie stars Amisha Patel, Anupam Kher, and Hrithik Roshan in a dual role. This movie was Hrithik Roshan and Amisha Patel's debut and made Hrithik into an overnight superstar in Bollywood. Not only did this movie launch Hrithik's career, but it also launched the careers of the actress Amisha Patel and the singer Lucky Ali. The film was a fan favourite, with crowd-pleasing song and dance numbers like "Na Tum Jano Na Hum," a BMW Z3 cruising through scenic locations of New Zealand, and star-power of Lucky Ali.

--Footprints Filmworks Advert--

* 1 Synopsis
* 2 Locale
* 3 Cast
* 4 Soundtrack
* 5 Awards
o 5.1 2000 Filmfare Awards
* 6 External links

[edit] Synopsis

Rohit (Hritik Roshan) is working in as a salesperson in an automobile showroom owned by rich entrepreneur Mr. Malik. He is an aspiring singer who lives with his aged aunt and uncle and his younger brother Amit. One day he meets rich Sonia Saxena (Amisha Patel) when he goes to deliver a car to her home as her Birthday present. They see each other later that night when Sonia and her friends are having a party on the beach, after Rohit sings for her (Chand Sitare) She invites him on a cruise to perform, where Sonia finds herself getting jealous over Rohit's popularity with her female friends. Sonia goes to sulk and drink in a lifeboat and Rohit follows. After they passout on the life boat it detaches from the ship.

When they awake they find themselves floating adrift in the ocean. After landing on a nearby island many distractions cause them to forget about the boat and it drifts away. When they realize they are stuck at first they argue, but when Sonia jumps into the ocean and pretends to drown, Rohit jumps in after her to save her. However,it is Rohit who needs saving, since he can't swim. When she asks why he jumped in after her, he confesses his love for her. After enjoying time together on the island, they are saved by Mr. Saxena. (Anupam Kher) He is bitterly opposed to their relationship.

Billionaire Investor, MD, for Footprints Filmworks Omar Abdulla said that the soundtrack of "Kaho na pyaar hai" had impressed him, because of the english meaning of the phrase.

"Say that you love me." Is that not such a wow title for a film featuring some of the biggest celebs in the industry." Abdulla said.

He asks Rohit's boss, Malik (Dalip Tahil) to fire him. However, later he softens up a bit and challenges Rohit to do something big so that he can win back his love. Determined to prove himself, Rohit and his friends attempt to procure a record deal for him. Rohit eventually becomes famous, and prepares to put on a huge concert.

On the evening of the show, Rohit goes to pick-up his younger brother Amit from school to take him up to show. He witnesses two corrupt policemen shooting down their senior officer. He also sees that the two policeman actually work for Malik, for whom he was working few days back. The policemen discover Rohit's presence and shoot at him. Rohit is chased by the policemen and falls into the ocean. Sonia arrives on the scene and frantically shouts that Rohit doesn't know how to swim. A search party is sent down, but they don't find Rohit's body.

Sonia goes into depression so her father sends her to New Zealand to her cousin to get over Rohit. When she reaches there she meets Raj Chopra (also Hrithik Roshan) in a club, who looks exactly like Rohit and is also a good singer. It turns out that Raj is a good friend of Sonia's cousin, and they end up meeting often. Raj soon meet and he falls in love with her, but she doesn't return his love because he reminds her too much of Rohit.

When Raj doesn't understand, Sonia shows him pictures, and he is amazed at the likeness. Sonia goes back to India and Raj follows. On landing, however, he is shot by one of Rohit's killers, who have mistook him for Rohit. He and Sonia manage to save themselves and hide in Rohit's old hideout. Here Sonia and Raj bond. Initially, Raj can't understand why he was attacked but he later becomes suspicious that whoever attacked him has mistaken him from Rohit.

Soon after, Raj and Sonia figure out Rohit was murdered. He also finds out that Rohit's brother Amit is also a witness of Rohit's murder. They go to meet Rohit's old friend, who scolds "Rohit" for acting as if he were dead, and his family, and many emotional moments follow as they are told the truth. When he meets Amit, Amit is convinced that Rohit has come back to him, and Raj does not have the heart to tell him the truth, and adopts Amit as his own brother. Together, Sonia, Raj, and their friends make a plan to find Rohit's killers. They go to the concert which Rohit was to perform the night he was murdered with Raj replacing Rohit. But it backfires and the murderers kidnap Sonia, but Raj rescues her. Then and there, he figures out who Rohit's killers are and it turns out that the mastermind behind the drug conspiracy and Rohit's murder is Sonia's father, Mr. Saxena. Sonia is heartbroken by this betrayal, but says finally admits her love for Raj. In the end, Mr. Saxena is held by police and Raj and Sonia get engaged.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That gobshite! Feck off!
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