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Some Cubase SX tips

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 1:42 pm    Post subject: Some Cubase SX tips Reply with quote

Here are some Cubase SX tips taken froma newsgroup forum

1 cubase sx 2 ..KEYBOARD TIPS
get the most out of SX by learning the key commands!
use 'J' on the PC keyboard to toggle on and off the 'Snap'function making it easier to move events

Keyboard (PC)command 'P'....if you click to select an event(part) in the project window and click 'P',the Left and Right Locators will match the event or series of events (if you have more than one event selected, the Left an Right Locator will find the beginning of the first event and the end of the last event!)
If you then are in 'Cycle' mode (PC keyboard numberpad ' / ', togles cycle on and off! )and you press play ('Enter')you can play back the highlighted events.
Further ' 1 ' (PC keyboard,numberpad '1' ) before or during playback, takes the 'Song Position Curser' to the 'Leftlocator'

3....CUBASE SX ...GROUPING...reverse locater trick
I am now converted to cubase SX2! I think although more CPU hungry, SX2 is the 'Dogs'! My earlier grumbles about Cubase SX1 have been recindicated with the new release. Much more good stuff that aids the 'macro' song and arrangement capabilities of the software studio. For instance multi grouping parts ( select the events you want to use ie. a verse chorus etc. right click and hold till the pop up menu appears...choose the 'group' option...then you can move the whole block of selected events/parts as one!)
Also the return of the 'Reverse Locator' trick! placing the 'Right Locator' before the 'Left Locator'(you notice the normal 'Loop' colour changing from Blue to Red!) ..making sure that 'Cycle' is enabled...and starting the song a few bars before the resulting 'Right Locator' 'Play'...The song plays back till it reaches the 'Right Locator' position...then SKIPS the section between the Locators..bypassing the 'inverted loop'...very usefull in Arranging your Project! eg quickly previewing may want to hear how loosing the 'Middle 8' will sound..before committing oneself to editing!... I find this very usefull, once you have got out of the 'Loop' and into the 'Arranging of the song!


The cubase Default 'Key Commands' utilize the numbered keys above the main keyboard ( NOT the keyboard number pad!) to change the tools on the various edit windows.
For instance pressing key number 1 will activate the 'Pointer Tool', key no. '2' the 'Selection tool', no. '3' the 'Scissors' or 'Splitting tool' so on etc. A good tip is to look at the screen whilst tapping the numbers you will see the changes being made as you press the keys!
In the case of the 'Pointer tool ( arrow ) pressing '1' three times, will scroll through the three 'Pointer tool' options ( a fourth press will return you to the beggining!)and the same principle is for the other tools that have multiple options. As I stated earlier, just look at the screen whilst pressing the keys. Using the full potential of 'Keyboard commands' on Cubase will unleash a far more vibrant and interactive interface for you!


Cubase SX2 needs more power!
A lot of folk upgrading to cubase SX 2. will unfortunately find the CPU performance needs increase, resulting in performance glitches and cliks and pops if you have a slower machine! This is due to the (among other things)the new audio engine and 'Plug in delay compensation'(PIDC).One may ask is this neccesary! the answer is PIDC means that you can be confident providing your processor can handle the extra burden, that your synchronisation can be almost 100 percent sample accurate! ( barring a few issues with soundcards with multiple ins and outs and using 'live recording') In practical use it means You can RELY on a level of 'tightness' between MIDI Audio VSTI's previously unsurpassed! With a 1ghz Athalon you may find on average that Cubase uses somewhere around 15 to 20 per cent more CPU than Cubase1 this is of course a trade off. If you can afford to upgrade your chip/motherboard/RAM then do so because the result will be worth it! Otherwise, as I have discovered one will have to resort to the good old fashioned techniques of 'Bounce-downs!
This may seem a little 'retro' but there are a few techniques that are used that could actually enhance your production this space!....

6.....CUBASE SX ....KX Drivers

Well hello everyone Alan ***** here,

I ve finished pulling me sprouts and now im having a little go at my other secret hobby that is making music. Yes I make special music for my plants, Using cubase sx or nuendo but my gardening fans ive got a little problem I can seem to get my microphone working. I had sound blaster drivers before and they were cracking, but now i put these kx drivers on and ive got sound but no ******* microphone bloody hell what will i do now. Right im off got to water my skunk see you all in next weeks edition of alan ******* skunk you like byze bye.

Seriouslly if you are using a any Soundblaster type card on a PC, you may acheive much higher performance using KX Sound drivers :
but word of the KX website's literature thoroughlly first!
and KX utilises the Soundcards 'Line' input and DOES NOT use the 'Mic' input.!

CUBASE SX 3 is now shipping!!!!!!!

64 bit music production studio!!!
Word of warning here!!
You are going to need a HIGH PERFORMANCE PC or MAC to get the best out of this version!
System Requirements



* Pentium / Athlon 800 MHz
* 384 MB RAM
* Windows XP Home and XP Professional
* Display Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels
* Windows MME compatible audio hardware
* DVD-ROM drive
* USB component port for copy protection key


* Pentium / Athlon 2.8 GHz or faster
* 512 MB RAM
* Display Resolution 1152 x 864 pixels, dual monitor setup
* ASIO compatible audio hardware recommended



* Power Mac G4 867 MHz
* 384 MB RAM
* OS X Version 10.3.3 or higher
* Display Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels
* CoreAudio compatible audio hardware
* DVD-ROM drive
* USB component port for copy protection key


* Power Mac G5 Dual 1.8 GHz or faster
* 512 MB RAM
* Display Resolution 1152 x 864 pixels, dual monitor setup

IT Looks fantastic!!!
But this potential user will have to upgrade his 'puter' to use it!

Also other thought.......
This user has been harmed by making the mistake of 'jumping straight in' with brand new 1st versions of new software before!
Its often better to let the 'bugs' get 'ironed' out first..
let someone else go through the frustrations!!

Laughing Laughing
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:45 pm    Post subject: Some Cubase SX tips Reply with quote

The basic operation of working with automation in Cubase is fairly straightforward. For example, say you have an audio track and you want to automate the volume fader. To do this, simply click the track's [W] Write Enable button, press play, move the fader to taste, and then press stop. In a nutshell, once a track's Write Enable button is active, any parameters that can be automated on that track will be 'armed' for automation so that when the transport is active (which is to say you either pressed play or record), any adjustments made to armed parameters will be stored at the appropriate time location.To see an Automation Sub-track in the Track List on the Project window, simply click the relevant track's 'Show/Hide Automation' button in the track List (which is the little '+' symbol in the bottom-left corner of the track). By default, the first Automation Sub-track revealed is for Volume, although you can change this, as we'll see in just a minute. You can see more Automation Sub-tracks by clicking the Append Automation track button (the '+' symbol at the bottom of an Automation Sub-track). You'll notice that the '+' symbol changes to a '-' symbol on the main track once Sub-tracks are being displayed.


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