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Steven David Harle

1960 to 1995 RIP

Photo of Steven David Harle (1961-1995) , drummer for UK Decay, who passed away in India in 1995. This photo  was taken in 1979 and is a familiar representation of him that many will remmember from that time!

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It has been more than twenty years since the Band split
up and sadly that time has not passed without sorrow!

In March 1995 Steven David Harle, founder member and
Drummer with UK Decay,passed away whilst 'backpacking'
in India. Steve had fallen in love with India and had visited
there several times.

He is profoundly missed and his memory wil be cherished
forever. This page will become a tribute to Steve and
to other lost friends and crew.

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Last photos Steve's Tree


'Steve's tree' (pic by 'Smurf Murphy' taken March 2004. Click to see larger Pic.,
'Steve's' Tree and more pics

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