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UK DK Live at Dingwalls
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Furyo live at the Tropicana Beach, nightclub Luton 1984..view video...
Video clip

FURYO live at Tropicana Beach, Luton

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Live UK Decay
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Unexpected Guest-Brighton..13.07.1982

Testament-St Albans27.08.1982
The Black Cat-Strathclyde University. 23.01.1982

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Music and Video
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Exhibition-'Split Single'
Other 1980's Luton Punk Audio

The 'Anti-Nirex Tape'

In the mid Eighties Government Policy
determined that a site in mid-Bedfordshire
near Elstow, was to become a 'Nuclear-
waste dump'. In the true 'Punk-spirit', the
Luton 'alternative' scene galvanised their
protest against Nirex, the government
agency responsible for nuclear waste.

A 25 track Tape was produced which included works by many local artists.
This Tape provided a 'Snapshot' of the
Luton 'Alternative' music scene post
UKDK,Furyo,IN Excelsis etc.

This tape is available in its entirety for

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