Chronic Outburst  
Chronic Outburst classic Pic Kindly supplied by Bonzi

Chronic Outburst classic Pic Kindly supplied by Bonzi

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From: Sargent Barker87.74.30.250(Fri Jul 21 14:49:00 2006) (Thu Apr 26 12:31:42 2007)
It was frightening then...

And it still looks frightening now.
From: annette80.2.211.2(Mon Feb 26 23:14:00 2007) (Thu Apr 26 12:32:41 2007)
I have just found a box of photos in the attic, and I was standing next to you as I have several exactly the same!
From: Janet (Tue Jun 10 20:39:00 2008)
Great contrasts in this one.

Janet Jackson
From: Bone (Tue Aug 12 09:09:10 2008)
Yes, it was a bit scary. It frightened the life into me!!
From: Sam (Thu Sep 17 23:14:13 2009)
I remember seeing a girl step in to stop a fight & get punched on both sides of the head simultaniously, then the chairs started flying....another night at the Bossard Hall.

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