Chronic Outburst  
Julian Wolfendale & Dave Barr in Grenada Spain.

Julian Wolfendale & Dave Barr in Grenada Spain.

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Due to spam-shite, this picture has been reposted. The comments from the pic have been also reposted below..
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(Thu Jul 21 01:43:41 2005)
Julian Wofendale (Left) & Dave Barr (Right) in Orgiva, Grenada, Spain.
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(Mon May 15 20:20:09 2006)
From: Administrator (werewolf) (Fri Nov 23 02:22:06 2007)
From: Bone (Tue Nov 7 18:58:33 2006)
I dunno, two close friends smiling in
a beautiful place.After a few beers it probably looked out of focus to them too!
From: Administrator (werewolf) (Fri Nov 23 02:23:04 2007)
(Sun Sep 9 2007)
there are no shocks or surprises between friends, there were none between us, only sadness that his end, which we all shall face, had come too soon. x
From: Administrator (werewolf) (Fri Nov 23 02:23:51 2007)
From: Julia
(Tue Oct 2 15:14:47 2007
Born the day before Julian - my mum and his mum are sisters - Julian, Julia...potential lyrics!!)
From: jay wolfendale (Sat Nov 24 07:29:16 2007)
hello Julia, my my, fancy finding you here. You can get in touch if you want at;
Have you read my book yet ? yeah baby......x

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