Lu7 Dave 'Mad' Barr & Ian Lee

Lu7 Dave 'Mad' Barr & Ian Lee

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From: Administrator (werewolf) (Tue Jan 8 00:58:51 2013)
Re-uploaded Jan 2013
From: Administrator (werewolf) (Tue Jan 8 00:59:09 2013)
From: Rebeski (Dharma Sister)(Thu Oct 20 21:04:57 2005)
Long Live Dave In Our Hearts xxx
From: Administrator (werewolf) (Tue Jan 8 00:59:24 2013)
From: jw(Wed Nov 16 11:24:08 2005)
he does, he does....x
From: Administrator (werewolf) (Tue Jan 8 01:00:32 2013)
Whatever happened to Dave's sacred leather?It lived a dual existance,lounging around the floor at gigs up and down the country,causing loss of blood and teeth of anyone who tried to lift it.it even dissapeared for a month or two then returning as mysteriously as it had left.
From: Administrator (werewolf) (Tue Jan 8 01:01:03 2013)
From:Ian Lee(Fri Nov 17 2006)
I remember some skinhead at a gig trying to walk off with Dave's jacket.. I went up to him, and politely asked for it back. He was so surprised, he meekly handed it over -all violence free!
From: Administrator (werewolf) (Tue Jan 8 01:02:02 2013)
Norm Outburst(Wed Jul 25 2007)
Dave I'll miss you mate you inspired the best in me even when we had our dissagreements we still remained friends the best natural drummer I ever had the pleasure of working with to me Decay gigs just wouldn't be the same without you being there.Give em hell Dave
From: Administrator (werewolf) (Tue Jan 8 01:02:19 2013)
From: Norm Outburst(Wed Jul 25 14:45:24 2007)
in response to Ian's comment earlier you throw a mean right hook mate I've witnessed it...lol
Jay,Ian get in touch sir_normski@yahoo.co.uk

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