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UK DECAY: ‘A Night For Celebration’ -cassette — (UK Decay Records)

ALTHOUGH THE Ab muttered something about prices being higher than they ought, the only place I know where you can buy this is Rough Trade (202 Kensington Pk. Rd, London W. 11) for £3.30, which includes postage costs. Well worth it too, unless you can get it cheaper elsewhere of course. That final gig at the Klub Foot and the last time some classic songs were heard.
It seems odd that a band who had suddenly released songs like ‘Testament’ and ‘Werewolf (both on this) which was clearly the next step on, should stop when they did but that was their decision. What you get is a sound as clear as a bell and performances that are mostly good and some really special. No-one who loved the band can miss this, if only to score the ‘Barbarian’ tracks unavailable elsewhere.
(Punk Lives)
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