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UK Decay in 2011. Current band line up and what they are up to now.

UK Decay in 2011 may not be young 'whipper-snappers' any more, nor perhaps exponents of high goth or punk fashion ware either. Not that they ever were really, they were always more inclined to the matters of the heart, soaring mind and passionate spirit. But the reformed UK Decay with new drummer Ray Phillpott can still pack a punch at the live concerts.


It is now December 2011 as I write, since the first show with the new line up back in
June 2008, UK Decay have performed fifteen concerts across UK and Europe.
Festival appearances include the Rebellion Punk Festival in Blackpool (twice 2009 - 2010),
WGT in Leipzig, Drop Dead Festival in Lisbon, DV8 in York, Bats over Milan,
Road to Ruin in Rome and the Moonlight Festival in Rimini.

Mini tours include Germany (Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover) and Italy (Milan, Bologna
and Rome), whilst two of the gigs UK Decay have played were in their home town
of Luton. A further appearance included the Sumo in Leicester in late 2009.

In 2009 the long awaited re-release of most of the bands back-catalogue saw the light of day, in the form of an extended re-issue of the album ;'For Madmen Only'. As well as containing the complete original 1981 vinyl version of 'FMMO', this release also included the complete 1982 'Rising from the Dread' EP, both 'For My Country' / 'Unwind' from 1980 and 'Barbarians' from 1993

For the last handful of shows, UK Decay have been introducing some brand new songs to add to their older repertoire of 'DK Classics' They have been writing this new material for a planned album scheduled for release later in 2012.

It is hoped that to coincide with the planned release, they will tour the UK, Europe and possibly the US. The band with their own record company 'UK Decay Records', would like to raise the capital needed to record the new album in order to retain full creative control over the project.

So at the end of 2011 and into 2012, UK Decay shall be looking at different ways of making the new album project happen. Strong new ideas are promised for this album, expect the unexpected!

We are working on a UK Decay gig listing for the early period (1979-1982) that s not quiet ready yet. In the meantime over the last few years we have been building up a catalogue of live recordings, both from the early period and of the later current period. Many thanks to all those who have sent in CDR's, very soon we shall publish a complete listing. We shall also have info online soon for a press pack as well as some of our music and videos on stream. All these things are to come but they will take time to prepare so please be patient!

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