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Dump it on Parliament: 1986 Luton Compilation (aka the Anti Nirex Tape - BAND)

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We shall kick off with an interesting story about a Luton compilation that came out in the eighties and a protest.

UK Decay, Furyo and In Excelsis were gone but in their wake, the town of Luton still had a bustling 'alternative' scene in the mid eighties. At the time, Click Click, Karma Sutra, the Party Girls, Penumbra Sigh and a host of other acts were 'wooing' the local audience’s. Click Click were pioneering new industrial sounds at their Lung Function HQ and Karma Sutra were flying the flag for the 'anarcho-pacifist' movement. Both bands were regularly playing gigs out of town and around the country, even playing in Europe by 1986.

Hear this now!

Thatchers government made great issues to protest against, we had seen the Falklands adventure, the Miners strike. So in 1986 when it was announced that an old WW2 supply base near Elstow in Bedfordshire was to be the host of the nations nuclear rubbish dump, it was decided that something had to be done to stop it. The focus for the towns alternative community at the time bedside’s the obligatory ale houses such as the Blockers Arms and The George, was the 33 art centre in Guildford Street. A three minute walk round the corner in Bute Street was situated the printing workshop. The upstairs rooms hosted Click Click's 'Lung Function' – rehearsal rooms for bands. Both '33' and 'Lung Function' provided rehearsal spaces and acted as informal gathering and networking havens. So ideas, pre- internet days, would spread quickly.

So it was relatively easy to galvanise the towns alternative community into an action to try and prevent this nuclear waste dump from setting up just 15 miles away. Chernobyl was fresh on folks minds and with this a campaign was started – Bedfordshire Against Nuclear Dumping (B.A.N.D.) Most of the towns young 'alternative' musicians got behind the idea quickly and very soon the idea of a protest – compilation tape would be in order. Bands and individual musicians were asked to contribute a specially written and recorded song or two, protesting against the Governments nuclear agency – Nirex.

In the mid Eighties Government Policy determined that a site in mid-Bedfordshire near Elstow, was to become the main national and an international Nuclear-waste dump. In the true 'Punk-spirit', the Luton 'alternative' scene galvanised their protest against Nirex, the government agency responsible for nuclear waste.
A 24 track Tape was produced which included works by many local artists.
Presented here are the digitized cover scans for the tape and below that, you can download the MP3's:-

and the reverse:-

It is with good credit to the people involved because an idea is one thing, however turning an idea into reality is another! Recording studios and equipment back in the day wasn't cheap to come by. The real hard work was holding the idea together until the project was achieved. Most of the tracks ended up being recorded on 4track cassette 'Porta-studios' as this was the only method that could be afforded at the time. The process seemed to take forever and at times the project nearly ground to a complete halt. But eventually the tape was finished. According to the hand written text on the back of the Cassette,

“This tape was put together on very cheap equipment, nothing flashy at all. So obviously the quality suffers somewhat and for this I apologise not only to you but to the bands and artists that have contributed their songs and their time completely free. Although it hasn't quiet turned out as good as it could have done, I think it still proves that anyone can produce D.I.Y. Tapes easily and cheaply. Without the help of the money merchants that control the major record companies but simply with a little trust, solidarity and cooperation.”

Profits from the project were to..

“to be sent directly to people who have been fined by the courts for their participation in acts of direct action against the plans” (for nuclear dumping)

Ironically it tuned out that soon after the tape was released, the government dropped their plans for Elstow, the whole country at the time was up in arms against the nuclear industry! So victory for the aims of the campaign and reason for the tape, by default! This may have taken the wind out of the sails for the project at the time but today this collection stands as a historical snapshot of Luton's alternative musicians, community and culture of the mid-late eighties. In 2004 one of the original artists to have appeared on the tape, Bugsy - digitised and sent the UK Decay Com website the MP3's to host, which we have hosted to this day, now twenty five years after it was originally released. In 2006 Spon re compiled and remastered using another recently found copy of the original, selecting the best quality to have survived the years of each track on the tape.

So thanks go out to Bugsy, Spon and Ella Jo for the BAND poster and of course all the bands and artists that contributed to this historical and unique Luton collection. So here it is!

24 Colours-Tortured Soul
Bugsy and the snakes-Open your eyes
Guitars for Ammunition-Brutal
Karma Sutra-The Package
Party Girls-Believe in me
The Click Click-Fear of cats
The Twitch-Look,Look There
Kev- Break DownThe Walls
Occult Radio Disorganisation Unproduction-Dear Mr Nirex
Penumbra Sigh-Televised Murder
Two Little Dicky Birds-Sitting On A Wall
Kul-You're Not Smiling Anymore
Guitars For Ammunition-DreamPolice
Kev-Men Of Power
The Rattlesnakes-No Money
Corpaelia-Mentor Will Rise
Party Girls-DreamHasEnded
Click Click-Shes Chewing Them
Strawberry Speed Trials-The Horror Of Party Beach
Bugsy and J Graham-War Games
Corpaelia-Beyond This Place
Penumbra Sigh-To Serve Them All My Days
The Twitch-Chalets And Bungalows
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Play whole selection in windows media player.

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